A downloadable prototype for Windows

100 Days Offensive is a 2.5d, singleplayer, ww1 game that is based on the game stickwars. It was made in 3 weeks by Isaac Howard, Tyler Cook, and Josh Balian and is our first game in Unity. It was made for our Computer Game Programming class in highschool. Gameplay currently consists of capturing flags by using tactically timed charges and mortar attacks, along with a slew of other abilities,to bleed away the ai's base health.

Install instructions

Run the executable in the same folder as the data folder. The game is super early in development and has many bugs, so feel free to report any you find. Also, the sound in the current build is VERY LOUD, so turn down your speakers.


OneHundredDaysOffensive_prototype_298.zip 18 MB
Help Image 1 MB

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